Brown’s Point Marina Owned by Clayton Perlman

People have different kinds of hobbies and jobs. Clayton Perlman was able to combine the best of both worlds when he bought his own marina. Before Clayton Perlman received his New Jersey boating license, he owned his marina for years. Just one year shy of a full decade, Clayton Perlman has been the owner of Brown’s Point Marina in Keyport, New Jersey for 9 years.

There are many benefits to docking boats in a marina. Clayton Perlman uses the economic benefits of the marina as his main method of advertising. The benefits of using the Brown’s Point Marina among others are the full service offerings of his marina. Services provided at the marina include: outboard, inboard and stern drive repairs, computerized engine diagnostics, and electronics installations and electrical repairs.

Although Clayton Perlman has owned the marina for 9 years, it was only 3 years ago that Clayton Perlman decided to get his own New Jersey boating license. In addition to storing his own boat at the marina, Clayton Perlman makes sure the marina is well-maintained for the benefit of others. That is why Clayton Perlman takes pride in the multiple services provided at his marina.

Clayton Perlman’s marina located in Keyport, New Jersey is right off of Raritan Bay. The bay is right at the dividing line between northern New Jersey and southern New York. Fortunately, Clayton Perlman doesn’t have to worry about location. His marina isn’t far from Garden State Parkway and Route 35. Clayton Perlman is grateful for the main arteries because it makes it much easier for people to drive to the harbor and back again.

As a business owner, Clayton Perlman knew accessibility could make or break a business. He knew when he purchased the marina that he was making a wise decision. Clayton Perlman looks forward to growing the success of his marina.


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