Clayton Perlman: Why Stay at the Colonial Club

On his last trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Clayton Perlman stayed at the Majestic Colonial, a resort well known for its luxury and class. While staying at the Majestic Colonial, Clayton Perlman had the good fortune of being upgraded to a room in the Colonial Club, which is the resort’s adults-only section. Now, Clayton Perlman recommends the Colonial Club to all of his friends, family members, and colleagues who decide to travel to the Dominican Republic. Here’s why…

Beauty and luxury. When Clayton Perlman stepped into the Colonial Club, his first impression was that the hotel was simply gorgeous. The style of the Colonial Club is elegant while still retaining the tropical accents that make it feel like a beach resort. Clayton Perlman personally enjoyed the garden views and impeccable decor.

Incredible service. Clayton Perlman highly recommends the Colonial Club for the exemplary service of its staff. Each guest is assigned a butler to their room, who is on hand for any and all needs. In addition, Clayton Perlman found the Concierge to be extremely helpful and invested in ensuring that all guests had a relaxing vacation with minimal hassle.

Low noise level. Because the Colonial Club is for adults only, Clayton Perlman was able to relax in peace and quiet. Unlike hotels and resorts that cater to families, the Colonial Club offers a stay with what Clayton Perlman called “no noise at all,” as well as total privacy.

Fine dining experiences. Clayton Perlman and his fellow guests enjoyed nightly dining at the resort’s selection of unique a la carte restaurants. Particularly notable were the grilled lobster at the Majestic Colonial’s specialty seafood option, and the Chateau Brillante at the resort’s steakhouse. Clayton Perlman also highly praised the hotel bar mixologists’ skill at pouring an eclectic and international selection of fine cocktails.

Biking to Alaska with Clayton Perlman

A few years ago, Clayton Perlman had the incredible experience of biking from Washington to Alaska and back on a five week odyssey that took him through some of the most renowned natural scenery and national parks that North America has to offer. If you’re considering making a similar trip, Clayton Perlman has the following tips.

Talk to fellow travelers. For Clayton Perlman, one of the highlights of the bike trip was getting to meet fellow travelers on the road, as well as locals in the towns in which he and his companions stopped to rest and explore. Clayton Perlman highly recommends getting to know the people you see on your journey. It was certainly worth it for Clayton Perlman, since new acquaintances came to the rescue when mechanical trouble arose!

Plan your route. Clayton Perlman was able to take in incredible views in Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and Great Sand Dune National Park, among other natural areas. Make sure you plan your route to encompass all of the sights you’ve always longed to see first hand!

Prepare and train. If you hop on your bike and expect to make it the 3,100+ miles that Clayton Perlman rode without training, you probably won’t get very far! Clayton Perlman advises training for your long distance ride far in advance, so you can experience it in peak physical condition. Make sure that you bring all of the appropriate gear, supplies, and tools, too. You certainly wouldn’t want to wind up on a desolate stretch of the Alaska Highway with a flat tire and no air pump or patches!

Bring a camera. There will be plenty of scenery you’ll want to capture, as well as milestones you’ll want to have images of forever. Clayton Perlman’s favorite photo of his trip was the famed Alaska Highway sign.

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Clayton Perlman Bikes from Washington to Alaska

In 2006, Clayton Perlman took the trip of a lifetime, biking over 3,100 miles from Washington to Alaska, via Denver. Clayton Perlman and company had the pleasure of taking in amazing views. Palo Duro Canyon, Great Sand Dune National Park, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, and Banff National Park are only a few of the places where Clayton Perlman was able to experience breathtaking views from the saddle of a bike. Along the way, Clayton Perlman encountered many interesting and helpful fellow travelers.

Clayton Perlman Reccomends the Majestic Colonial

 In 2010, Clayton Perlman had the opportunity to stay at the Majestic Colonial, a renowned resort in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. While staying at the Majestic Colonial, Clayton Perlman was offered an upgrade to the luxurous Colonial Club. Clayton Perlman found the hotel staff to be extraordinarily helpful and courteous, and enjoyed the selection of fine dining options at the resort. Clayton Perlman recommends the Colonial Club to anyone looking for a quiet and comfortable stay, complemented by top notch, friendly service.

Clayton Perlman: Director of Construction

NHF is a developer and builder company associated with FRP Properties, LLC. It is both a real estate development company and construction management company located in Middletown, New Jersey. Clayton Perlman is Principal and Director of Construction for NHF.

The company takes a strong standpoint on monitoring their projects. This makes Clayton Perlman the perfect person to serve as a manager for the company. The years of experience Clayton Perlman brings to his management position is greatly valued by NHF Building Corporation.

Clayton Perlman possesses over 25 years of experience in real estate development. His experience managing also goes back to the beginning of his career working for his family’s company. In 1986, Clayton Perlman worked as superintendent and then in acquisitions for Perlman Properties.

Clayton Perlman is a professional and managing construction projects across the United States. Projects he’s managed span multiple states from California to New Jersey. His experience is extensive in areas of land acquisition and entitlement, finance and risk management, and construction and sales. Clayton Perlman benefits NHF by maximizing the company’s finances.

Clayton Perlman is not only a brilliant director of construction, but a remarkable manager. The projects he oversees total over millions of dollars. The pressure of overseeing such expensive projects is nothing new to Clayton Perlman. He developed a number of expensive projects from 1986 to 1998. The worked under a number of companies and LLC’s over the course of his career.

After jump staring his work under Perlman Properties, he moved on to Ficca Perlman Developers, Perlman Properties of California, LLC, and Stonebridge Estates, LLC. Clayton Perlman explored a new industry briefly from 1999 to 2004, with the New York Mercantile Exchange but returned to real estate development in 2005. He began re-developing real estate in New Jersey under Laurel Woods Estates, LLC, Perlman Properties, LLC, Browns Point Marina, and Paint Island Springs, LLC.