Clayton Perlman: Director of Construction

NHF is a developer and builder company associated with FRP Properties, LLC. It is both a real estate development company and construction management company located in Middletown, New Jersey. Clayton Perlman is Principal and Director of Construction for NHF.

The company takes a strong standpoint on monitoring their projects. This makes Clayton Perlman the perfect person to serve as a manager for the company. The years of experience Clayton Perlman brings to his management position is greatly valued by NHF Building Corporation.

Clayton Perlman possesses over 25 years of experience in real estate development. His experience managing also goes back to the beginning of his career working for his family’s company. In 1986, Clayton Perlman worked as superintendent and then in acquisitions for Perlman Properties.

Clayton Perlman is a professional and managing construction projects across the United States. Projects he’s managed span multiple states from California to New Jersey. His experience is extensive in areas of land acquisition and entitlement, finance and risk management, and construction and sales. Clayton Perlman benefits NHF by maximizing the company’s finances.

Clayton Perlman is not only a brilliant director of construction, but a remarkable manager. The projects he oversees total over millions of dollars. The pressure of overseeing such expensive projects is nothing new to Clayton Perlman. He developed a number of expensive projects from 1986 to 1998. The worked under a number of companies and LLC’s over the course of his career.

After jump staring his work under Perlman Properties, he moved on to Ficca Perlman Developers, Perlman Properties of California, LLC, and Stonebridge Estates, LLC. Clayton Perlman explored a new industry briefly from 1999 to 2004, with the New York Mercantile Exchange but returned to real estate development in 2005. He began re-developing real estate in New Jersey under Laurel Woods Estates, LLC, Perlman Properties, LLC, Browns Point Marina, and Paint Island Springs, LLC.


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