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Clayton Perlman Bikes from Washington to Alaska

In 2006, Clayton Perlman took the trip of a lifetime, biking over 3,100 miles from Washington to Alaska, via Denver. Clayton Perlman and company had the pleasure of taking in amazing views. Palo Duro Canyon, Great Sand Dune National Park, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, and Banff National Park are only a few of the places where Clayton Perlman was able to experience breathtaking views from the saddle of a bike. Along the way, Clayton Perlman encountered many interesting and helpful fellow travelers.

Clayton Perlman Reccomends the Majestic Colonial

 In 2010, Clayton Perlman had the opportunity to stay at the Majestic Colonial, a renowned resort in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. While staying at the Majestic Colonial, Clayton Perlman was offered an upgrade to the luxurous Colonial Club. Clayton Perlman found the hotel staff to be extraordinarily helpful and courteous, and enjoyed the selection of fine dining options at the resort. Clayton Perlman recommends the Colonial Club to anyone looking for a quiet and comfortable stay, complemented by top notch, friendly service.


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