Biking to Alaska with Clayton Perlman

A few years ago, Clayton Perlman had the incredible experience of biking from Washington to Alaska and back on a five week odyssey that took him through some of the most renowned natural scenery and national parks that North America has to offer. If you’re considering making a similar trip, Clayton Perlman has the following tips.

Talk to fellow travelers. For Clayton Perlman, one of the highlights of the bike trip was getting to meet fellow travelers on the road, as well as locals in the towns in which he and his companions stopped to rest and explore. Clayton Perlman highly recommends getting to know the people you see on your journey. It was certainly worth it for Clayton Perlman, since new acquaintances came to the rescue when mechanical trouble arose!

Plan your route. Clayton Perlman was able to take in incredible views in Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and Great Sand Dune National Park, among other natural areas. Make sure you plan your route to encompass all of the sights you’ve always longed to see first hand!

Prepare and train. If you hop on your bike and expect to make it the 3,100+ miles that Clayton Perlman rode without training, you probably won’t get very far! Clayton Perlman advises training for your long distance ride far in advance, so you can experience it in peak physical condition. Make sure that you bring all of the appropriate gear, supplies, and tools, too. You certainly wouldn’t want to wind up on a desolate stretch of the Alaska Highway with a flat tire and no air pump or patches!

Bring a camera. There will be plenty of scenery you’ll want to capture, as well as milestones you’ll want to have images of forever. Clayton Perlman’s favorite photo of his trip was the famed Alaska Highway sign.


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