Clayton Perlman’s FRP Properties is a Strong Company

Clayton Perlman has developed residential real estate properties under a number of businesses. His development projects span multiple states. He began in New Jersey before moving to California. He also developed single and multi-family houses in Nevada and Utah. After moving back to New Jersey in 1999, Clayton Perlman continued to build under the different established businesses.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

In 2013, Clayton Perlman announced that he and a partner named James Tredwell, formed a new land development and construction company in Middletown, New Jersey. The new company, FRP Properties, LLC benefits’ from a combined skill set of 30 years’ experience in multiple facets of the construction and real estate development industry. The company was designed by Clayton Perlman to acquire property and build residential projects throughout the Northeast region of the United States.

Clayton Perlman believes in the strength FRP Properties, LLC has as a construction company. The skills possessed by both Clayton Perlman and James Tredwell are in the areas of land acquisition, development, architectural and engineering services, and construction management. Similar to his past career, Clayton Perlman’s company will resume the tradition of building single and multi-family homes.

As a former Futures Trading Clerk in the New York Mercantile Exchange, Clayton Perlman knew a joint venture between FRP and NYMEX would be beneficial. The company consists of expert managers and outside consultants. Clayton Perlman’s outside consultants are experienced in land acquisition, project management, lien release, quality control, and more.

For Clayton Perlman, FRP Properties, LLC is another company to list as a company he has developed under. So far, Clayton Perlman has been responsible for negotiating, processing, and closing over forty million dollars in construction and equity financing. In addition to construction finance, Clayton Perlman is knowledgeable in casino finance, as well as stock, commodities, futures, and options trading markets.


Clayton Perlman Possesses Years of Development Experience

Clayton Perlman has been in the real estate development business for many years. Much of his work has been performed as a project manager for companies owned by other individuals. However, Clayton Perlman does possess the knowledge and experience of operating and running his own real estate development and construction company.

Clayton Perlman began working as project manager in 1982, for the family business: Perlman Properties. He worked as a project manager while he attended college in California. In 1986, FICCA Perlman Developers was co-founded by Clayton Perlman. For two years, he worked as co-founder and Vice President. His main responsibilities included negotiations, finance, and operations management.

Clayton Perlman got his first taste of sole ownership as a business owner after moving to California in 1988. He founded Perlman Properties of California and there he built a number of residential homes. Clayton Perlman coordinated thirty million dollars in financing for the projects while managing all aspects of the company.

After a year’s break from real estate development, Clayton Perlman moved to Nevada and worked as President of Sandpiper Partners, LC. As project manager, he was responsible for the construction and development of 4,500 homes and a 1,400 room casino. From 1996 to 1999, Clayton Perlman worked in Salt Lake City, Utah. He worked for Capital Assets Financial until December of 1997. From January, 1998 to September, 1990, he worked as a managing member of Stonebridge Development, LC.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Even though Clayton Perlman possesses many years managing development projects, he claims to possess just over 14 year of in-depth experience in all aspects of real estate development business. Clayton Perlman also possesses three years of technical analysis, finance, and development experience. To perform his work efficiently, Clayton Perlman utilizes the latest software with spreadsheet modeling. Clayton Perlman continues to develop residential real estate in New Jersey.

Clayton Perlman Develops Single and Multi-Family Homes

There are real estate developers that specialize in their own niche of work. Clayton Perlman happens to be partial to real estate development. In his many years of work as a real estate developer and project manager, Clayton Perlman has developed both single and multi-family homes. His career has lead him to move to several states on polar ends of the United States.

Clayton Perlman began work as a project manager for Perlman Properties located in New Jersey while he attended college in California. He moved to New Jersey in 1986. He began developing property in Northern New Jersey. It was in February 1988, that Clayton Perlman founded Perlman Properties of California.

With his own business in California, Clayton Perlman, used to performing acquisitions, acquired a 295 unit multi-family residential project. Additionally, he also acquired high end single family residential lots. For the years he worked as President of Perlman Properties of California, Clayton Perlman was responsible for thirty million dollars of financing through equity financing.

Clayton Perlman 6

Clayton Perlman moved to Nevada in 1993. Under Sandpiper Partners, Inc, he managed a residential and resort project in Wendover, Nevada. Working as a project manager, Clayton Perlman constructed and developed residential units within a development totaling 4,500 homes and a 1,400 room casino.

When Clayton Perlman was employed by Stonebridge Development, LC in Salt Lake City, Utah, he helped the company acquire, develop, and construct residential and commercial real estate. The company owned over 30 residential lots and over 80 acres of property in the Salt Lake City area.

Clayton Perlman returned to New Jersey in 1999. He began work for KPR Trading in New York as a principal and risk analyst. Clayton Perlman became a principal for a new company in early 2013 called FRP Properties, LLC. The land development and construction company returns Clayton Perlman to the world of residential development projects.

Clayton Perlman Develops Real Estate Under Multiple LLCs

One of the indicators that the economy has picked up is the increased purchase of real estate. Numbers are crunched according to how many homes were sold and how many of those homes were new homes. Real estate development grows and wanes with the economy and when there are many projects to manage at once, Clayton Perlman knows he can celebrate his success.

With the exception of a few years working in New York, Clayton Perlman has spent his professional career as a real estate developer. His particular area of expertise is in residential real estate. Clayton Perlman has built hundreds of single-family homes and multi-family residences. While he maintained a strong focus on projects in New Jersey, Clayton Perlman has developed residential real estate in California, Utah, and Nevada as well.

Throughout Clayton Perlman’s working career, he has worked under multiple companies. The earliest companies he worked under were Perlman Properties, LLC and FICCA Perlman Developers. He worked simultaneously for both companies from 1986 to 1989.

During the early 1990’s, Clayton Perlman began developing properties in California under Perlman Properties of California. In the late 1990s, he was developing in Nevada and Utah under Stonebridge Estates, LLC.

Clayton Perlman is accustomed to balancing projects under multiple companies. It was one of the first tasks he mastered when he began his career. Beginning in 2005, Clayton Perlman once again started development projects in New Jersey. His projects are concentrated in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Clayton Perlman develops under Paint Island Springs LLC, Perlman Properties LLC, and Laurel Woods LLC.

Clayton Perlman takes a strong leadership role in all the projects he oversees. He worked as a superintendent in the 1980s and then moved to acquisitions. At NHP Properties, Clayton Perlman works as Director of Construction. His responsibilities include analyzing each project, providing development strategies, and maximizing the use of land for maximum financial return.

Clayton Perlman Develops Under FRP Properties, LLC

There have been many companies under which Clayton Perlman developed real estate. While he worked as a project manager for his family’s real estate and construction company in 1982, it wasn’t until 1987 that Clayton Perlman began to develop residential real estate properties for himself. He started the development projects in Northern New Jersey as co-founder and Vice President of FICCA Perlman Developers.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman decided to move to California where in 1988, he founded Perlman Properties of California. He developed both single and multi-family projects in California. He even brokered and acquired a casino in Colorado. Clayton Perlman remained in California until 1992.

After California, Clayton Perlman spent three years in Nevada. His work included the development of a 4,500 home residential unit along with a 1,400 room casino. After Nevada, Clayton Perlman worked for two companies in Utah. After Utah, Clayton Perlman returned to New Jersey.

Living in New Jersey, Clayton Perlman resumed the development of single and multi-family residences. By early 2013, Clayton Perlman was again in the position of creating a new business. He, along with James Tredwell, became principals of FRP Properties, LLC. The company was formed for land development and to acquire property, develop lots and build residential projects throughout the Northeast region of the United States.

Together, both principals possess over 30 years of experience to the company. Clayton Perlman himself is knowledgeable in acquisition, finance, and project management. The company is also well capitalized. Through a joint venture partnership with members of the New York Mercantile Exchange, Clayton Perlman’s company is staffed with expert in-house managers. The company also benefits from outside consultants in areas of legal support, land acquisition, project management, engineering, architecture, and more. Clayton Perlman looks forward to many successful years under FRP Properties, LLC and the construction of many residential properties.

Monmouth County Real Estate Developer Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman possesses years of experience as a real estate developer. Although he did take a break from his career from 1999 to 2004 to work at the New York Mercantile Exchange, most of Clayton Perlman’s work history has been in real estate development. In fact, it is a profession he learned about at a young age. Clayton Perlman is a second-generation real estate developer!

Today, Clayton Perlman develops single home and multi-family residences in Monmouth County, New Jersey. However, he has developed properties out of the state as well. Out of state projects include California and Nevada. As it was years ago, most of his projects are now again concentrated in New Jersey.

Clayton Perlman started his career as a real estate developer through the family company. From 1986 to 1989, Clayton Perlman worked for Perlman Properties and FICCA Perlman Developers. At Perlman Properties, Clayton Perlman worked as a superintendent and then in acquisitions. At FICCA Perlman Developers, Clayton Perlman built single-family homes.

Clayton Perlman spent 1990 to 1998, developing homes on the western side of the continental United States. He developed residential properties in California through Perlman Properties of California, LLC, from 1990 to 1995. From 1996 to 1998, Clayton Perlman developed residential properties in Wendover, Nevada and the Salt Lake City Area under Stonebridge Estates, LLC.

By 2005, Clayton Perlman was developing residential homes in New Jersey. As a real estate developer, Clayton Perlman has worked under multiple limited liability companies. Some of the companies he has worked through include: Laurel Woods Estates LLC, Perlman Properties LLC, and Paint Island Springs LLC. Clayton Perlman works for NHF, where he serves as the managing member of the company. His official title through the company is Director of Construction. Fortunately, with years of experience as a superintendent and in performing acquisitions for his family’s company, Clayton Perlman is more than capable of handling any number of construction management responsibilities.

Keyport Marina Owner Clayton Perlman is Open for Business

Clayton Perlman is a man of many talents. For a few years he worked in the New York Mercantile Exchange but for most of his life, Clayton Perlman has developed real estate. He focused primarily on single and multi-family homes. He still continues to develop real estate, but as a side business, since Clayton Perlman’s main concerns are his responsibilities as the owner of Browns Point Marina, located in Keyport, New Jersey.

Clayton Perlman understands the expense involved in running a marina. He is knowledgeable through experience. Clayton Perlman has owned Browns Point Marina for nearly a decade. As the owner, he was deeply troubled by the intensity of October of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, Clayton Perlman was armed with a skill many others weren’t; as a real estate developer, he had quick access to networks for repairs.

Clayton Perlman takes great pride in being a marina owner. Marinas provide excellent alternatives to boat owners. Clayton Perlman has owned the marina for nearly a decade and understands the costs associated with the upkeep. When Clayton Perlman had owned the marina for over half a decade, he figured it was time he get his own boating license. It was a little over 3 years ago that Clayton Perlman received his boating license. It makes him a part of a proud group of people along the coast.

Now that it is spring, Clayton Perlman hopes people will continue to use his marina. It continues to be the perfect place for people to dock their small boats or yachts. There are a number of services provided at Clayton Perlman’s marina. Clayton Perlman offers outboard, inboard, and stern drive repairs, computerized engine diagnostics, electrical repairs, bottom painting, and coating repairs. Each service available at the marina helps Clayton Perlman attract business. Clayton Perlman is a man of quality and wants to provide the customers at his marina with excellent service.