Spring Brings Life to Clayton Perlman’s Marina

With warmer weather comes increased traffic to Browns Point Marina. People come to the marina to get their boats out of storage, to ensure they are in working order, and take their boats into the bay. After the super storm, Hurricane Sandy, the condition of boats and buildings was the main concern of many boat owners in New Jersey.

Clayton Perlman had his own repairs to make after the storm. The damage to the marina and the entirety of the east coast was emotionally and physically devastating to many residents, including Clayton Perlman. As a real estate developer, he was more prepared than others to jump into the repairs of the marina. Although Clayton Perlman had quick connections to repair the marina, it didn’t lessen his worries as a marina owner or the devastation of the boat owners using his marina for storage.

With spring came increased opportunities to go out and examine any extensive or light damage. As the owner of Browns Point Marina, recovering from the losses caused by the storm is pertinent, this meant getting repairs done as early in the season as possible. Fortunately, with years of experience in real estate development, Clayton Perlman took the opportunity to make the changes he’d been considering for a while.

With repairs and changes in progress, Clayton Perlman is proud that his marina has recovered so well. Clayton Perlman can once again offer terrific marina service. With spring comes an increased desire to get out on the water for fun or work. Clayton Perlman makes this easy with his marina. Clayton Perlman has been the proud owner of Browns Point Marina for close to a decade. It was a fun investment and he delights in being a marina owner. While he has owned the marina for years, it was only over 3 years ago that he received his own boating license.