Keyport Marina Owner Clayton Perlman is Open for Business

Clayton Perlman is a man of many talents. For a few years he worked in the New York Mercantile Exchange but for most of his life, Clayton Perlman has developed real estate. He focused primarily on single and multi-family homes. He still continues to develop real estate, but as a side business, since Clayton Perlman’s main concerns are his responsibilities as the owner of Browns Point Marina, located in Keyport, New Jersey.

Clayton Perlman understands the expense involved in running a marina. He is knowledgeable through experience. Clayton Perlman has owned Browns Point Marina for nearly a decade. As the owner, he was deeply troubled by the intensity of October of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, Clayton Perlman was armed with a skill many others weren’t; as a real estate developer, he had quick access to networks for repairs.

Clayton Perlman takes great pride in being a marina owner. Marinas provide excellent alternatives to boat owners. Clayton Perlman has owned the marina for nearly a decade and understands the costs associated with the upkeep. When Clayton Perlman had owned the marina for over half a decade, he figured it was time he get his own boating license. It was a little over 3 years ago that Clayton Perlman received his boating license. It makes him a part of a proud group of people along the coast.

Now that it is spring, Clayton Perlman hopes people will continue to use his marina. It continues to be the perfect place for people to dock their small boats or yachts. There are a number of services provided at Clayton Perlman’s marina. Clayton Perlman offers outboard, inboard, and stern drive repairs, computerized engine diagnostics, electrical repairs, bottom painting, and coating repairs. Each service available at the marina helps Clayton Perlman attract business. Clayton Perlman is a man of quality and wants to provide the customers at his marina with excellent service.