Clayton Perlman Develops Under FRP Properties, LLC

There have been many companies under which Clayton Perlman developed real estate. While he worked as a project manager for his family’s real estate and construction company in 1982, it wasn’t until 1987 that Clayton Perlman began to develop residential real estate properties for himself. He started the development projects in Northern New Jersey as co-founder and Vice President of FICCA Perlman Developers.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman decided to move to California where in 1988, he founded Perlman Properties of California. He developed both single and multi-family projects in California. He even brokered and acquired a casino in Colorado. Clayton Perlman remained in California until 1992.

After California, Clayton Perlman spent three years in Nevada. His work included the development of a 4,500 home residential unit along with a 1,400 room casino. After Nevada, Clayton Perlman worked for two companies in Utah. After Utah, Clayton Perlman returned to New Jersey.

Living in New Jersey, Clayton Perlman resumed the development of single and multi-family residences. By early 2013, Clayton Perlman was again in the position of creating a new business. He, along with James Tredwell, became principals of FRP Properties, LLC. The company was formed for land development and to acquire property, develop lots and build residential projects throughout the Northeast region of the United States.

Together, both principals possess over 30 years of experience to the company. Clayton Perlman himself is knowledgeable in acquisition, finance, and project management. The company is also well capitalized. Through a joint venture partnership with members of the New York Mercantile Exchange, Clayton Perlman’s company is staffed with expert in-house managers. The company also benefits from outside consultants in areas of legal support, land acquisition, project management, engineering, architecture, and more. Clayton Perlman looks forward to many successful years under FRP Properties, LLC and the construction of many residential properties.


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