Clayton Perlman Develops Single and Multi-Family Homes

There are real estate developers that specialize in their own niche of work. Clayton Perlman happens to be partial to real estate development. In his many years of work as a real estate developer and project manager, Clayton Perlman has developed both single and multi-family homes. His career has lead him to move to several states on polar ends of the United States.

Clayton Perlman began work as a project manager for Perlman Properties located in New Jersey while he attended college in California. He moved to New Jersey in 1986. He began developing property in Northern New Jersey. It was in February 1988, that Clayton Perlman founded Perlman Properties of California.

With his own business in California, Clayton Perlman, used to performing acquisitions, acquired a 295 unit multi-family residential project. Additionally, he also acquired high end single family residential lots. For the years he worked as President of Perlman Properties of California, Clayton Perlman was responsible for thirty million dollars of financing through equity financing.

Clayton Perlman 6

Clayton Perlman moved to Nevada in 1993. Under Sandpiper Partners, Inc, he managed a residential and resort project in Wendover, Nevada. Working as a project manager, Clayton Perlman constructed and developed residential units within a development totaling 4,500 homes and a 1,400 room casino.

When Clayton Perlman was employed by Stonebridge Development, LC in Salt Lake City, Utah, he helped the company acquire, develop, and construct residential and commercial real estate. The company owned over 30 residential lots and over 80 acres of property in the Salt Lake City area.

Clayton Perlman returned to New Jersey in 1999. He began work for KPR Trading in New York as a principal and risk analyst. Clayton Perlman became a principal for a new company in early 2013 called FRP Properties, LLC. The land development and construction company returns Clayton Perlman to the world of residential development projects.

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