Clayton Perlman Possesses Years of Development Experience

Clayton Perlman has been in the real estate development business for many years. Much of his work has been performed as a project manager for companies owned by other individuals. However, Clayton Perlman does possess the knowledge and experience of operating and running his own real estate development and construction company.

Clayton Perlman began working as project manager in 1982, for the family business: Perlman Properties. He worked as a project manager while he attended college in California. In 1986, FICCA Perlman Developers was co-founded by Clayton Perlman. For two years, he worked as co-founder and Vice President. His main responsibilities included negotiations, finance, and operations management.

Clayton Perlman got his first taste of sole ownership as a business owner after moving to California in 1988. He founded Perlman Properties of California and there he built a number of residential homes. Clayton Perlman coordinated thirty million dollars in financing for the projects while managing all aspects of the company.

After a year’s break from real estate development, Clayton Perlman moved to Nevada and worked as President of Sandpiper Partners, LC. As project manager, he was responsible for the construction and development of 4,500 homes and a 1,400 room casino. From 1996 to 1999, Clayton Perlman worked in Salt Lake City, Utah. He worked for Capital Assets Financial until December of 1997. From January, 1998 to September, 1990, he worked as a managing member of Stonebridge Development, LC.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Even though Clayton Perlman possesses many years managing development projects, he claims to possess just over 14 year of in-depth experience in all aspects of real estate development business. Clayton Perlman also possesses three years of technical analysis, finance, and development experience. To perform his work efficiently, Clayton Perlman utilizes the latest software with spreadsheet modeling. Clayton Perlman continues to develop residential real estate in New Jersey.

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