Clayton Perlman’s FRP Properties is a Strong Company

Clayton Perlman has developed residential real estate properties under a number of businesses. His development projects span multiple states. He began in New Jersey before moving to California. He also developed single and multi-family houses in Nevada and Utah. After moving back to New Jersey in 1999, Clayton Perlman continued to build under the different established businesses.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

In 2013, Clayton Perlman announced that he and a partner named James Tredwell, formed a new land development and construction company in Middletown, New Jersey. The new company, FRP Properties, LLC benefits’ from a combined skill set of 30 years’ experience in multiple facets of the construction and real estate development industry. The company was designed by Clayton Perlman to acquire property and build residential projects throughout the Northeast region of the United States.

Clayton Perlman believes in the strength FRP Properties, LLC has as a construction company. The skills possessed by both Clayton Perlman and James Tredwell are in the areas of land acquisition, development, architectural and engineering services, and construction management. Similar to his past career, Clayton Perlman’s company will resume the tradition of building single and multi-family homes.

As a former Futures Trading Clerk in the New York Mercantile Exchange, Clayton Perlman knew a joint venture between FRP and NYMEX would be beneficial. The company consists of expert managers and outside consultants. Clayton Perlman’s outside consultants are experienced in land acquisition, project management, lien release, quality control, and more.

For Clayton Perlman, FRP Properties, LLC is another company to list as a company he has developed under. So far, Clayton Perlman has been responsible for negotiating, processing, and closing over forty million dollars in construction and equity financing. In addition to construction finance, Clayton Perlman is knowledgeable in casino finance, as well as stock, commodities, futures, and options trading markets.