Clayton Perlman: From Florida to New Jersey

Clayton Perlman’s career led him to move to multiple states and call multiple cities home for varying lengths of time. Clayton Perlman has lived on the east and west coast of the United States but it is New Jersey that he seems to return to. However, it was Florida that Clayton Perlman first called home.

It was in the mid-1960 that Clayton Perlman was born in Miami, Florida. He was raised in Miami and Coral Gables, Florida. After graduating high school from Westminster Christian School, Clayton Perlman attended college at Pierce College in Northridge, California. While has in high school, Clayton Perlman worked as an apprentice for Dobbs Construction Company in Miami, Florida. In college, Clayton Perlman was able to work as a project manager from afar. Under Bob Tatum, Clayton Perlman managed the development of multiple Perlman Properties projects.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

In 1987, Clayton Perlman began building residential homes in Northern New Jersey. It was in 1986, that FICCA Perlman Properties was founded in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Clayton Perlman was the company’s co-founder and worked for two years as Vice President. He left New Jersey to found his own company in California.

February of 1988, Clayton Perlman founded and built a real estate development and construction company called Perlman Properties of California in Newhall, California. He worked as Principal and President of the company from 1988 to September of 1992. During those years, he gained valuable experience and enhanced his entrepreneurial skills.

In 1992, Clayton Perlman worked for a year in New York as a Futures Trading Clerk for Robbie Stein Trading. After the year, he moved to Nevada. By 1993, he worked as President and Principal of Sandpiper Partners, LC. In 1996, Clayton Perlman took a position as a real estate developer in Salt Lake City in, Utah for Capital Assets Financial and Stonebridge Development, LC as a management member in 1998. He moved back to New Jersey in 1999.


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