Hard Worker Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman is living the “American Dream.” He has built a very successful career for himself, which has included the development of his own businesses. Clayton Perlman is a real estate developer in New Jersey with completed projects in California, Nevada, and Utah. Clayton Perlman attributes much of his success to his supportive family, hard work, a determined spirit, and a strong educational foundation.

Clayton Perlman was an apprentice at a construction company in Miami, Florida. Clayton Perlman’s duties as an apprentice were the fabrication of cabinets and desks, and the remodeling of homes. In addition to work in residential homes, Clayton Perlman painted and helped restore commercial buildings. Clayton Perlman went on to become co-founder and founder of his own real estate development and construction companies.

Clayton Perlman has also worked in the New York Mercantile Exchange in New York, as a clerk for two different trading companies. He got his clerk’s license, and began work in October 1992 as a Futures Trading Clerk. Clayton Perlman managed the residential real estate development of the company, and worked also on the trading floor.

After a six-year break from the New York Mercantile Exchange in New York City, Clayton Perlman returned in 1999 to work for another trading company as a principal. As principal he performed risk analysis and technical analysis.

Clayton Perlman was mainly working in energy commodities, but these commodities break down into 4 categories: livestock and meat, agriculture, energy, and metals. Investment strategies with these types of commodities involve the buying and selling, as clerks and traders attempt to make a profit from selling when commodities are high, and often buying when they are low. Clayton Perlman learned how to do this type of difficult, fast-paced work through experience only – working in crude oil futures, heating oil futures, and crude options pits.


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