Construction Financing Experience and Clayton Perlman

Financing real estate projects can be expensive but it is necessary to keep business running. Clayton Perlman appreciates the many hours business owners but into keeping a company running. Clayton Perlman has co-founded and founded his own companies and each time, was involved in ensuring each real estate development project was adequately financed.

Clayton Perlman had experience managing various aspects of the real estate development and construction as a project manager for Perlman Properties in the early to mid-1980’s. He was introduced to many skills about the business but it wasn’t until he co-founded FICCA Perlman Developers in 1986 that he gained a true appreciation for owning and running a business. As Vice President, Clayton Perlman was responsible for negotiations of the acquisitions, finance, and supervision of the business’s day-to-day operations.

Clayton Perlman’s own taste of independent success grew from 1988 to 1992. In 1982, Clayton Perlman founded Perlman Properties of California. As company president, Clayton Perlman was responsible for the coordination and acquisition of thirty million dollars of financing for projects through equity financing of limited partners and debt financing through Far West Savings and Guardian Bank. Clayton Perlman oversaw all aspects of the company including construction loan activity, sales, and closings. Clayton Perlman was also responsible for the brokerage and acquisition of Lady Luck Casino in Colorado.

Thanks to his many years of work, Clayton Perlman has been responsible for negotiating, processing, and closing over forty million dollars in construction and equity financing and over eleven million dollars in mortgage loan closings. Clayton Perlman maintains a working knowledge of casino finance, acquisition, and development as well as an understanding of stock, commodities, futures, and options trading markets. Clayton Perlman is experienced in risk management, equity and mortgage financing, mechanic liens, loan draws, sales, and closings. This comes from his years of work as a real estate developer and time spent in New York working for trading companies.


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