Family and Commercial Properties Developed by Clayton Perlman

For more than three decades Clayton Perlman has worked as a real estate developer. In much of his work, Clayton Perlman has personally overseen and managed real estate developments. His knowledge in the field is extensive. Most of his projects have been single and multi-family homes but Clayton Perlman does possess experience developing commercial properties as well.

When Clayton Perlman co-founded FICCA Perlman Developers in 1986, he developed single family homes. For the two years he worked in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, Clayton Perlman developed and constructed ten custom single family homes. After founding his own business in California in 1988, Clayton Perlman continued the tradition of residential real estate development.

It was through Perlman Properties of California that Clayton Perlman did have a hand in commercial real estate. While living in California, Clayton Perlman was responsible for the brokerage and acquisition of the Lady Luck Casino in Central City, Colorado.

In 1993, Clayton Perlman moved to Nevada where he worked as Principal and President of Sandpiper Partners, Inc. The corporation was formed to manage a residential resort project in Nevada. Clayton Perlman’s responsibilities as project manager were to oversee the construction and development of residential units consisting of 4,500 homes and a 1,400 room casino.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Between 1996 and 1997, Clayton Perlman worked for Capital Assets Financial in Salt Lake City Utah. A month after leaving Capital Assets Financial, he was a managing member of Stonebridge Development, LC which was formed in conjunction with Capital Assets Financial. He oversaw the day-to-day operations and helped to acquire, develop, and construct both residential and commercial real estate properties.

In 1999, Clayton Perlman moved back to New Jersey. He resumed the development and construction of single and multi-family homes in the area. He also worked for KRP Trading in New York as a Principal and Risk Analyst.


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