Dozens of Properties Developed by Clayton Perlman

The work of a real estate developer can be demanding. There are many people that need to be expertly managed to ensure the timely completion of both a small and large construction project. Through all his years of experience, Clayton Perlman has seen about everything pertaining to residential real estate development. He started out as an apprentice fabricating cabinets and remodeling before becoming a project manager for the family company.

Clayton Perlman oversaw the development of multiple projects through Perlman Properties before he co-founded his own development company in New Jersey. It was in 1986, that Clayton Perlman became Co-Founder and Vice President of FICCA Perlman Properties. In two years, the construction company developed and constructed ten custom single family homes and lots throughout New Jersey.

In 1988, Clayton Perlman moved to Newhall, California where he founded Perlman Properties of California. His real estate development and construction company acquired a 295 unit multi-family residential project in Stevenson Ranch, California and high end single-family lots in Pacific Palisades. Clayton Perlman was responsible for the coordination of thirty million dollars of financing for the projects. He also managed all aspects of the projects including employees.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

By January of 1998, Clayton Perlman worked as a managing member of Stonebridge Development, LC in Salt Lake City, Utah. Overseeing the day-to-day operations, Clayton Perlman acquired, developed, and constructed residential and commercial real estate projects. The company owned over 30 residential lots. The company was formed in conjunction with Capital Assets Financial where Clayton Perlman had worked the year before as a real estate developer negotiating new projects and foreclosed developments.

Clayton Perlman has years of experience and has overseen the development of hundreds of homes. Clayton Perlman takes great pride in what he does and continues to push himself as an entrepreneur. In the early part of 2013, Clayton Perlman became one of the principals of FRP Properties, LLC in Middletown, New Jersey.


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