Properties in Multiple States Developed by Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman’s record for real estate development is well established. He has been in the business of real estate development for many years. Before he started developing homes, he worked as an apprentice fabricating cabinets and remodeling homes. There was even a brief point in his life where Clayton Perlman had stopped real estate development and worked in the mercantile exchange instead.

Clayton Perlman’s apprenticeship took place in Florida. Once his apprenticeship was over, Clayton Perlman moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey where he worked as a Project Manager for multiple Perlman Properties projects. By 1986, Clayton Perlman was Co-founder of a construction company in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey called FICCA Perlman Developers. Through this company, Clayton Perlman developed single family lots and constructed homes.

Two years later, Clayton Perlman was again hard at work developing another development company under his name. Clayton Perlman became the President of Perlman Properties of California in 1988. In this period of time, Clayton Perlman was responsible for the coordination and acquisition of thirty million dollars of project financing. It was through Perlman Properties of California that Clayton Perlman was responsible for the brokerage and acquisition of the Lady Luck Casino in Colorado.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman took a reprieve of developing real estate for about a year. After the break, he was in Nevada, where he created Sandpiper Partners, INC., and served as president. After Nevada, Clayton Perlman moved to Salt Lake City, Utah where he was employed by Capital Assets Financial as a real estate developer. He handled negotiations and purchase of projects. Clayton Perlman worked in Utah until the late 1990’s when he moved back to the east coast. Clayton Perlman returned to developing real estate in New Jersey and was employed for risk analysis by KPR Trading, located in New York, New York.


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