Clayton Perlman has Trade Experience

While most of his life has been spent in the real estate development field, Clayton Perlman has experience working with trade and commodities future in New York City. Clayton Perlman developed residential properties between 1982 and 1992. During those years, he had worked as a project manager for the family company, became a co-founder of FICCA Perlman Developers, and then moved to California where he became Principal and President of his own company.

For a year, Clayton Perlman took a reprieve from real estate development. With experience in finance through his previous positions, he was readily hired to work for a trading company in New York City. He began his employment in Development and as a Futures Trading Clerk in October of 1992. He worked for the company a full year and left in October of 1993, to resume real estate development.

During his year at the trading company, Clayton Perlman continued to manage property. However, instead of managing for himself, he managed an eighty-acre residential real estate development for the company. He also clerked for the company on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

As a Futures Trading Clerk, Clayton Perlman worked on the floor of the crude oil futures, heating oil futures, and crude options pits. His main responsibilities were to reconcile prior days’ trade activities, arrange for trade between pits, and track the minute-by-minute positions of trade. His many tasks left Clayton Perlman with a very thorough understanding of the entire exchange process and the various positions including futures contracts, calls and puts.

In October 1999, Clayton Perlman returned to the world of trade. His previous experience working in trade make Clayton Perlman a valuable part of the new trading company that hired him. Clayton Perlman’s position requires the utilization of modern software’ a significant understanding of stock, commodities, futures and options trading; and research into the commodities the company trades.


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