Success in Business with Clayton Perlman

For the last 15 years, Clayton Perlman has invested his life into the world of real estate. Starting his career in construction, he worked to remodel and restore homes. He worked his way up through various real estate companies, learning everything there is to know about real estate. However, he also learned what it means to be successful in business. Today, he is one of the principals of his own successful real estate company. Clayton Perlman is hopeful that the following tips will help you on your path to having a successful business.

Create a Plan of Action

Clayton Perlman understands that running a business takes a lot of work. There are so many things to accomplish in any given day that it is easy to forget that you are in it for the long-term. That is why it is important to create a plan of action that will reflect what you would like your business to accomplish today, tomorrow, and beyond!

Be the Boss of your Finances

As one of the founders of your company, you are most likely already the boss of several employees. Clayton Perlman says that it is also important to be the boss of your finances as well. Take charge of that old bankbook, and make sure that your investments are being properly spent. Ensure that the correct amount of money is going to the most needed areas of your business.

Always Plan Ahead

Speaking of finances, Clayton Perlman advises that it is always best to plan ahead to make sure that your company will have the finances it needs to accomplish the goals you have set up in your plan of action. It is important to plan ahead so that you can be prepared for the changes to come in the future of your business.

Clayton Perlman’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

For over 14 years, Clayton Perlman has been excelling in the real estate business. He has learned just about everything that there is to know about the business from the ground up. Today, Clayton Perlman is in charge of running the day to day operations of a major real estate company. Below, he shares a few tips he hopes others will find useful on their journey into real estate.

Save Before Acquiring a License. Most people would say that your first step to getting into real estate is getting your real estate license. While that is technically true, Clayton Perlman would like you to consider that it is important to realize that it may be a while before you make your first commission as a real estate agent. With that in mind, you should consider saving up enough money to live off of for at least a period of six months before diving into the life of a real estate agent.

 Find a Good Mentor. Even with a license, Clayton Perlman advises that you are going to need a guiding hand when you first enter the world of real estate. Try to get to know someone who has been in the business for a few years. By asking them questions and listening to them carefully, you will be able to gather a great deal of insight that can help you succeed in your goals.

 Develop a Book of Business. Clayton Perlman says that it is vital to hit the ground running by finding the people with whom you are going to be doing the bulk of your business. Buyers and sellers are the most obvious, but you will also need to meet investors, appraisers, mortgage brokers, and more.

 Clayton Perlman has seen a lot of success using these tips, and he hope you will find your success too.

Clayton Perlman: Principal of FRP Properties, LLC

Clayton Perlman is one of the principals of FRP Properties, LLC. Along with his associate, he is responsible for leading the construction and land development company towards a future of success. Where did Clayton Perlman come from? What was his path toward the industry of real estate and property development? The following will explore the path that Clayton Perlman has traveled, as well as the path that he will continue to take in the present and future.

Clayton Perlman was born in Miami, Florida. He excelled there in high school, and outperformed most of the students in his classes. From there, he used his academic success to gain entry to the university of his choice. Clayton Perlman attended a university, located in California. It was here that he discovered that he had a passion for learning. He worked hard to absorb as much information as he could while in school. He knew of the advantages that a good education would bring him in his future.

You could say that Clayton Perlman was born for real estate. He began his path towards the world of the real estate business even before he started attending college. He first worked in construction while he was in high school. He learned quite a bit about the nuts and bolts of real estate before moving on to the financial side of things. After two years of that, he began working for Perlman Properties, where he began managing projects.

Eventually, this would lead him to where he is today with FRP Properties, LLC. With him, Clayton Perlman brings nearly 15 years of experience that covers every aspect of the business of developing real estate.  He guides the company in its goals to acquire and develop residential properties all through the Northeast areas.