Clayton Perlman’s Career

Clayton Perlman has had an illustrious and successful career of more than thirty years. He is currently a real estate developer and has been in the industry for more than fourteen years. Here is a quick summary of Clayton Perlman’s career.

Clayton Perlman started working full time in 1980, when he was an apprentice for Dobbs Construction Company in his hometown of Miami, Florida. This job, and his next as a project manager at Perlman Properties, helped build the foundation of his future work in construction and real estate development.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

After finishing at Perlman Properties in 1986, Clayton Perlman went on to co-found Ficca Perlman Developers in Franklin Lakes, NJ. This construction company was started to acquire and develop single family residential building lots and construct homes. Clayton Perlman then went on to found Perlman Properties of California in Newhall, which acquired a 295 unit multi-family residential project. Clayton Perlman was responsible for the coordination and acquisition of 30M dollars of financing for these projects.

From October 1992 to September 1999, Clayton Perlman was involved with four more companies. He moved from New York to Nevada to Utah over that period of time. Along the way, Clayton Perlman picked up more and more experience in the real estate development industry.

Since October 1999, Clayton Perlman has been working for KPR Trading as a risk analyst and principal. Clayton Perlman enjoys his job and looks forward to coming to work each and every day. He is excited about what they future may hold.


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