Clayton Perlman on Managing People

As a successful real estate developer of more than fourteen years, Clayton Perlman has learned what it takes to manage people in an efficient, productive, and appropriate manner. Clayton Perlman believes the success of any business lies in the management team’s ability to manage people well. Here are a few of his tips on how to successfully manage employees and workers:

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

(1)  Motivate

The first ingredient for successful people management is motivation. Clayton Perlman has found that people respond most effectively when properly motivated. Clayton Perlman motivates people by providing tangible rewards and encouragement. Motivated individuals are much more likely to produce the results you want to see as a manager.

(2) Set Goals

Part of proper motivation and management goes alongside setting goals. Clayton Perlman likes to set specific, time-oriented goals. Goals allow people to see the finish-line and understand the importance of their work. Clayton Perlman uses both short-term and long-term goals in his approach. The short-term goals act as checkpoints, or encouragement along the way, and the long-term goals provide a big picture view.

(3) Delegate Responsibility

The third part of good management involves delegating responsibilities to some of your employees. Clayton Perlman likes responsibility delegation for two reasons. First, it gives him less to worry about and frees up his time for other things. Second, it gives people more of a vested interest in the company.

Remember these three things when looking to improve your management skills. According to Clayton Perlman, it is important to motivate, set goals, and delegate responsibility.


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