Clayton Perlman on Professionalism

Clayton Perlman believes professionalism and success go hand-in-hand. An attitude and appearance of professionalism shows people that you respect yourself and others. Clayton Perlman, a successful real estate developer of more than two decades worth of experience, would like to share some of his most important tips on how to present yourself in a professional manner:

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Act the Part

If you are going to be professional, you must act the part. This means watching what you say and how you carry yourself. Clayton Perlman abides by the principle of quick to listen and slow to speak. Clayton Perlman avoids gossip and instead carries on conversations about professional and work related matters.

Dress the Part

It is also important to give yourself a professional visual image, Clayton Perlman believes. Clayton Perlman advises people to dress in a clean and neat manner. Understand what the appropriate dress in your industry is and follow it closely. People are much more likely to respect you as a professional when you dress well.

Respect Others

Respect is a huge part of professionalism. Clayton Perlman tells people to respect their coworkers, clients, employees, and employers. In the professional world, respect can get you a long way. Disrespect shows that you don’t care about the people around you, a very unprofessional attitude.

There are many other aspects to professionalism, but Clayton Perlman believes these to be three of the most important. When trying to establish yourself as a professional, it is important to be careful how you act, speak, dress, and interact.


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