Clayton Perlman’s Tips for Real Estate Success

Clayton Perlman has nearly 14 years of experience in the vast and ever-changing world of real estate. His knowledge of the industry has provided Perlman with an unparalleled expertise that can help others looking to make their mark.

Currently a Principal for FRP Properties, LLC, Clayton Perlman worked his way up in the industry by remaining dedicated to hard work. His perseverance has paid off in a monumental way, allowing him to begin his own firm and become a respected industry leader.

Success in real estate takes dedication and commitment. Clayton Perlman recommends responsible management of personal finances before entering the profession. A commitment to saving and to personal responsibility has been essential to Clayton’s success. Proper financial management, i.e. saving money, is paramount. The real estate industry is often tumultuous, and it’s ever-important to have a sound financial foundation before committing to the profession.

Clayton Perlman also recommends reliance on the wisdom and mentorship of other successful real estate professionals. Going into the profession blindly can lead to a swift and devastating failure. Clayton Perlman recommends a willingness to learn from those who have achieved at a high level. It never hurts to have an insider’s perspective, particularly in an industry that’s difficult to break into.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Establishing a viable real estate network is also key to success. Clayton Perlman suggests getting to know people in the trade, such as buyers, sellers, appraisers, and mortgage brokers, which can all be valuable connections in the future. Clayton Perlman suggests establishment of a solid network to gain a strong industry foothold.

Clayton Perlman Worked His Way Up

Clayton Perlman believes that hard-work, perseverance and tenacity are all key attributes of a successful person. Clayton Perlman never forgets the importance of these values, or of the role each played in the development of his real estate career.

Clayton began his real estate career working in the construction industry. He has worked for a variety of real estate companies. It was here that Clayton Perlman developed an understanding of the importance of hard work to an individual’s character. Clayton helped to remodel and restore homes, which allowed him to learn the many things that go into residential and commercial construction.

Personal responsibility is essential to Clayton Perlman. Taking responsibility for your actions, as well as developing a plan for your future, are essential to success. Currently a Principal for FRP Properties, LLC, Clayton Perlman is responsible for the company’s daily management and for keeping its engine humming smoothly. Clayton relishes the opportunity to serve as a guide for the company’s future.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

FRP Properties specializes in real estate acquisitions, development and construction. Clayton Perlman serves as a powerful voice for FRP, helping the company to properly manage its financial goals by making informed and responsible financial decisions. Clayton Perlman has long sought to be a leader, and has firmly-established himself as a key to FRP Properties’ continued success.

FRP Properties, LLC was founded and built by Clayton Perlman. He is dedicated to continued success in the real estate industry. Clayton Perlman’s real estate knowledge and experience have translated very well into the property management, acquisition and development field.

Clayton Perlman a Skilled Real Estate Professional

Clayton Perlman is considered an expert real estate professional by his colleagues. As an acquisitions and development expert, Clayton Perlman now works for FRP Properties, LLC, which is located in New York City.

Currently in charge of FRP’s day-to-day operations, Clayton has developed an in-depth knowledge of real estate acquisitions and property management. FRP Properties, LLC deals primarily with the financial side of real estate. Clayton Perlman was able to learn the ins-and-outs of real estate before transferring his skill set to the financial side. Helping to manage a major real estate firm has been a welcome challenge for Clayton, who thrives under pressure and is driven to succeed.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Originally from Miami, Florida, Clayton Perlman established a foothold in the real estate business very early on. Clayton worked in construction, developing a ground-up point-of-view of the real estate industry. It is with this foundation that Clayton Perlman is able to perform at such a high level for FRP Properties. Clayton utilizes his foundational knowledge to keep FRP working efficiently and profitably.

Clayton Perlman is no stranger to success. Clayton has shown tremendous promise in the industry. His management techniques and performance under fire have allowed Clayton Perlman to develop a successful real estate career. He has relied on his experience, as well as the wisdom of other real estate professionals, to move into the position he’s in today.

Clayton Perlman believes in hard work and education as necessary to success. Clayton was committed to his studies and performed admirably in both high school and in college.