Clayton Perlman: A Career In Real Estate

Clayton Perlman is an expert real estate developer who works at FRP Properties, LLC, in New York City.

Clayton Perlman is originally from Miami, Florida. He began his career in construction, developing a ground-up point-of-view of the real estate industry. He worked as superintendent and then in acquisitions for Perlman Properties, the family real estate business. Clayton Perlman later developed homes and properties in New Jersey, California, Nevada, and Utah.

Currently in charge of FRP’s day-to-day operations, Clayton Perlman has developed an in-depth knowledge of real estate acquisitions and property management. FRP Properties, LLC deals primarily with the financial side of real estate. Clayton Perlman learned the finer points of real estate before transferring his skill set to the financial side. Helping to manage a major real estate firm has been a welcome challenge for Clayton Perlman, who thrives under pressure and is driven to succeed.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman has always been success-oriented. He has shown tremendous promise in the industry. His management techniques and performance under fire have allowed Clayton Perlman to develop a successful real estate career. He has relied on his experience, as well as the wisdom of other real estate professionals, to move into the position he’s in today.

For five years, Clayton Perlman worked at New York Mercantile Exchange as Clerk in Crude Oil and Natural Gas futures and option pits. He also handled trade reconciliation operations for a small hedge fund for an off the floor trading operation.

Clayton Perlman believes in hard work and education as necessary to success. Clayton was committed to his studies and performed admirably in both high school and in college.


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