Clayton Perlman: Brown’s Point Marina

Clayton Perlman is a New Jersey real estate developer who has multiple business interests. He owns four Limited Liability Companies in New Jersey, and spends much of his time guiding their operations.

Clayton Perlman also has a New Jersey boating license, and enjoys plying the waters off the Jersey Shore. For the last nine years, Clayton Perlman has owned Brown’s Point Marina, located in Keyport, New Jersey.

Brown’s Point Marina is Clayton Perlman’s pride and joy. The marina has easy accessibility to great fishing and cruising. “The famous Jersey Shore nightlife is nearby,” he adds, “with exciting shopping and entertainment.”

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

By land, Brown’s Point Marina is just across the Raritan Bay from downtown Manhattan and New York City. By water it is only fifty-five minutes from the dock to the South Seaport, and from there, it’s easy access to the Intracoastal Waterways of the Hudson River, where you can get a breathtaking view of Manhattan.

Brown’s Point Marina is a full service facility. “Our courteous and professional staff is ready to assist you,” Clayton Perlman says happily. “Make it your stop on the Jersey Shore!”

In addition to Brown’s Point Marina and his real estate interests, Clayton Perlman spent five years working at New York Mercantile Exchange as Clerk in Crude Oil and Natural Gas futures and option pits. He also handled trade reconciliation operations for a small hedge fund for an off the floor trading operation.

Clayton Perlman believes that hard work and education are necessary to success. Clayton Perlman was committed to his studies and performed admirably in both high school and in college.


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