Clayton Perlman: Adventure Bike Riding

Clayton Perlman spends most of the year guiding his real estate business to profitability. He is a New Jersey-based real estate agent with multiple Limited Liability Companies, which he started to manage his real estate interests. Over the years, Clayton Perlman has developed properties in New Jersey, California, Nevada, and Utah.

When Clayton Perlman finds the time for a vacation, he likes to have an adventure. One of the most daring he ever undertook was a bicycle ride from Washington State to Alaska and back. The bike tour took him five weeks, and went through some of the most incredible natural scenery that Clayton Perlman has ever seen.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

The majority of Clayton Perlman’s route took him through British Columbia. He rode a touring bike that was adapted so that he could carry food and camping supplies, along with plenty of water and essential bike repair tools.

At the recommendation of friends who had done the trip before, Clayton Perlman entered Canada at the Sumas border crossing and bypassed most of Vancouver. He reached the Trans-Canada Highway near Bridal falls and went west toward Hope, and found easy camping along the way.

[he recalls it as an amazing experience]


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