Clayton Perlman: Daring Adventurer

Clayton Perlman is an extremely hardworking based in New Jersey. He’s worked as superintendent and then in acquisitions for Perlman Properties, the family real estate business. He believes in a ground-up approach to real estate. He has experience in numerous aspects of the real estate business from almost fifteen years of professional experience. He’s even developed properties in California, Nevada, and Utah.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

But when Clayton Perlman decides to take a rare break from his work, he likes to have epic adventures. One of the most daring of these adventures was a bicycle ride from Washington State to Alaska and back. The trip took a full five weeks to complete, but they were some of the most rewarding and gratifying weeks of Perlman’s life. The course offered him the opportunity to witness some of the most incredible natural scenery he’d even encountered.

The course took Clayton Perlman through British Columbia. His special touring bike was modified so that he could carry essential food and camping supplies with him (all of which he greatly needed). Water was another essential, along with handy bike repair tools.

Taking advice from friends, Clayton Perlman entered Canada at the Sumas border crossing and bypassed most of Vancouver. He later found the Trans-Canada Highway near Bridal falls. He continued to travel west toward Hope, and he found easy camping along the way.

Though it was strenuous, Clayton Perlman has only fond memories of his ride. The difficulty and commitment required to complete the task were difficult, but not insurmountable for Clayton Perlman.

Clayton Perlman: Real Estate Veteran

Clayton Perlman has nearly fifteen years of experience in the New Jersey real estate business. He currently works at FRP Properties, LLC, in New York City. An established veteran of the real estate, Clayton Perlman is dedicated has always been a results-oriented go-getter with an inexhaustible positive attitude.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Clayton Perlman got his start with a family real estate business, where he worked as a superintendent, and later moved into acquisitions. Acquisitions officers are often called the masterminds behind real estate transactions, and Perlman is certainly that. He later developed homes and properties in New Jersey, California, Nevada, and Utah.

Perlman also worked at New York Mercantile as a Clerk in Crude Oil and Natural Gas futures and option pits. He had this job for five years, and he learned a great deal from it. He also handled trade reconciliation operations for a small hedge fund for an off the floor trading operation.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman currently manages FRP’s day-to-day operations. Perlman believes strongly in diversifying one’s experience, so he learned the finer points of real estate before switching over to more financial matters. Assisting in the management of FRP has been a welcome challenge for Perlman, who relishes pressure and tight deadlines.

Clayton Perlman believes hard work, education, and a sound financial foundation are all instrumental in becoming a real estate agent. He understands that it is not a get rich quick industry, and that anyone who thinks that needs to earn more about the business. That said, Clayton himself has practiced steady financial judgment and personal responsibility in order to get where he is today.