Clayton Perlman – New Jersey Real Estate Veteran

Clayton Perlman is a real estate professional that holds nearly fifteen years of experience in the New Jersey real estate business. His current role is as a Principal at FRP Properties, LLC, in New York City. Perlman has developed many properties in a number of states. He is thoroughly experienced in commercial and residential real estate. Clayton Perlman is originally from Miami, Florida, where he first started in the family real estate business. He started as a superintendent and later moved into the acquisition side of things.

Clayton Perlman moved on into the realm of home development and property development in several states including New Jersey, California, Nevada, and Utah. Perlman spent five years working at the New York Mercantile as a Clerk in Crude Oil and Natural Gas futures. He also had the responsibility of handling trade reconciliation operations for a small hedge fund for an off the floor trading operation.

Clayton Perlman is in charge of managing FRP Properties operations, focusing on various elements including financial aspects of the business. It is a role filled with deadlines, forms and budgetary matters, but Perlman enjoys the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in this role. Clayton Perlman is constantly striving to achieve more, and to increase his efficiency at every turn. As you can imagine, the New York and New Jersey real estate markets are extremely competitive, a fact that is undeniable and maintains this competitive aspect even when market conditions are not on the upswing. Succeeding in that kind of competitive environment means you have to communicate, you have to deliver, and you have to stand by your word. Perlman makes it an art in making it look easy, but it is truly the product of hard work behind the scenes.


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