Clayton Perlman, business man of the Brown’s Point Marina

Clayton Perlman is a man of many trades, and a man of many business endeavors. Sure, he is a successful business man and a Principle at FRP Properties, LLC, but he also puts his expertise into another pot. Clayton Perlman owns Brown’s Point Marina in Keyport, New Jersey. And he loves it. It not only gets him near the ocean (which he has an undeniable passion for), but it also has easy accessibility for fishing and sailing. The marina is across from Ruritan Bay from Manhattan, and only takes an hour or so from the dock to the South Seaport. Perlman uses all of the skills and talents he has to own and run his marina. As a kid in Miami, he loved the open waters, and so this is a way for him to live out his passion and help others enjoy it as well.

Since there are so many great views of New York City from the Hudson, accessing Clayton Perlman’s marina gives boaters the ability to get to the Intracoastal Waterways of the Hudson River, and so there are quite a few people that come through that take advantage of his business. Because of the heavy traffic that comes in and out of his ports, he runs a full service facility with a full staff on deck to tend to the needs of the costumers. So not only does he get to participate in the marina, but he gets to reap the rewards of having a full-fledged business that serves customers in all the ways this marina can.