Clayton Perlman – A Lifelong Passion for Real Estate Development

Growing up in Miami Beach, Florida, Clayton Perlman was always ready for an adventure. As a child, he developed a deep love for the ocean and at a young age, he became involved in motor cross racing. As he grew up and began his professional life, he discovered that the thrill of real estate acquisition and development was also appealing, as well as something he was naturally good at.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

He began his career as part of the family business, a successful real estate firm, where he worked first as a superintendent on constructions jobs, then in real estate acquisitions. As professional and owner of a local development company, he began building single family homes in New Jersey.

Clayton Perlman continued to polish his skills in the reals estate business in the early 1990s as the family delved into business in California. Here Perlman was involved in the development of numerous single home and multi-family projects.

Clayton Perlman then moved on to operate a Western-based real estate company, where he was involved in developing properties in multiple regions including Wendover, Utah and the Salt Lake City area of Nevada.

Coming full circle, Perlman is now back in New Jersey where he continues to develop real estate as part of the three LLCs he owns and runs. He has led these companies in all aspects of real estate development for the last decade. He also continues to enjoy his favorite out-of-work activities, such as playing guitar, hanging out with his dogs and walking in parks.



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