Prospects Around the Water

There are many different avenues that one can take if they choose to enjoy a career that is based on the love of the ocean. Some individuals may captain ships, charter boats, choose to be divers and many other choices are available. Others enjoy working with people who also love the water and hearing their stories and attempts to reach out into the ocean throughout the year.

One opportunity is to pursue the running of the marina. In today’s world of real estate, building one can be extremely expensive and filled with red tape and other obstacles. An individual that is looking at running a marina would have to be quite oriented towards running a business. This is exactly the path that was taken by Miami, Florida native Clayton Perlman. He grew up with a tremendous passion for the ocean and the various activities that surrounded it. He owns and operates Browns Point Marina, a successful marina based in Keyport, New Jersey. He has been running it now for about a decade.

Clayton Perlman was engaged in a number of other businesses, which are enough for him to survive in tough economic times. He feels fortunate to have a diverse skill set that enables him to branch into multiple business ventures.