Marinas as Investments

Running a marina is a demanding task that, almost by definition, involves a great deal of work. Many people are curious about investing in a marina, in part because of their love of the ocean. Like any investment, there are many things to consider.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

There are many regulations in the maritime industry including such things as the water itself, the right to use certain waterways, the storage of boats, and many more. What most people may not realize is that businesses such as boatyards and marinas are one of the most stable areas within the boating industry. Statistics show that even during tough times, most boats remain in use. They need to be stored somewhere, and the thing that gets affected most is their duration of trips rather than the keeping of the boat.

Thankfully, one of the forces at work is the fact that marinas are considered to be very good for local economies. They employ local workers who spend money within the community and a well-kept, and maintained marina pays its property taxes, sales taxes and income taxes on a proper schedule. Clayton Perlman is a partner and operator of Browns Point Marina in Keyport, New Jersey. His operation is a significant economic generator within the community, and he pays fair wages because he has built-in the aspect of quality and service into what he does.


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