Reasons to be in Real Estate Development

There are a number of different ways to work in the real estate development business. They include buying, improving and selling property; buying, improving and renting out property; and improving property that you already own, and renting it out or selling it. The property can be either commercial or residential.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Each of these practices requires carefully planned strategies. Before you can ever consistently turn a profit on real estate investments you’ll need to find the best properties you can to work with and get the best possible financing for them. Real estate investors typically estimate their return on investment, or ROI, as a way of deciding whether the property in question is worth the effort it will take to buy it and turn it into something profitable.

One technique is what is known as flipping a property. This involves acquiring it, often at a reduced price, and then making improvements to increase its value. Then it is sold at a profit. Flipping is something that is usually done quickly, in as little as thirty to sixty days. This is a very dangerous proposition, though.

Clayton Perlman has been in real estate for many years. He has a family history as both a part of the family business that was a real estate firm, on construction jobs and also in real estate acquisitions. They established a local development company in the state of New Jersey, which began in the field of building single-family homes and has evolved into multifamily projects and other developments across a number of states throughout the country.

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