Clayton Perlman – A Balance of Life and Work

Maintaining a balance between life and work can be a difficult line to walk, but it is an important to do so if you wish to succeed in your business and personal life. Clayton Perlman understands the importance of balancing his business and his responsibilities to his family.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

Why is it so difficult to maintain a healthy balance between your business life and personal life? The main reason is because there are two extremes that one can fall into and both can be harmful. On one hand, if you work too hard and put in too many hours you run the risk of alienating your friends and family. And this path doesn’t even guarantee success in your business life as you run the risk of becoming burnt out and making poor decisions due to stress or lack of rest.

The downsides of neglecting your business are rather obvious since if you aren’t putting in the proper time to see to the needs of your clients then you are eventually going to lose your clients to the competition which can lead your business to ruin. This, of course, can lead to major problems in your personal life since bills and other financial issues are some of the largest contributors to divorce.

Clayton Perlman is a 30-year veteran of the real estate industry and understands the importance of making sure both his clients and his family get the time they deserve.


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