Clayton Perlman – Tips For Tuning Your Guitar

Clayton Perlman loves music and enjoys playing the guitar. Like most guitar players, he has to tune his guitar sometimes. Tuning is simple and easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. If you haven’t ever tuned your guitar before, it could be a little challenging. These tips can help.

Clayton Perlman

Tune It Often

It doesn’t take very long for a guitar to get out of tune. Make sure you check it before you play it and if necessary, tune it every time you play.

Store It Properly

When you aren’t playing your guitar, make sure it is stored properly. If it is too hot or cold, it could become damaged and out of tune easily. If it is bumped or knocked over; it may also become out of tune.

Use A Tuner

If you are having a hard time tuning the guitar by ear, consider using a tuner. This device will do the work for you and help you tune your guitar much easier. It can also be useful if you are in a noisy environment.

Tune Up

When you are tuning your guitar, make sure you are always tuning it up and not down. This will keep your strings from going flat when you are playing the guitar. If a note seems too high, you can always stretch the string out a little.

Clayton Perlman knows how to tune his guitar and does so whenever necessary. If you have a guitar and need to tune it, make sure you follow the above tips.