Clayton Perlman: New to Hiking? Here are a Few Things to Know

A New Jersey business owner, Clayton Perlman devotes much of his days to his enterprise; to equipping his team with the resources, leadership and expertise needed to consistently perform at their best. A passionate entrepreneur, Perlman is committed to the future of his company, and to ensuring its stays on the path that provides the best opportunity at success.

Spending the majority of one’s time at the office, however, can be both tiresome and stressful, which is why Clayton Perlman is always on the lookout for ways to restore and maintain peace-of-mind. One method through which Perlman works to restore mental, physical and emotional balance is hiking, particularly throughout the many parks spread across his local area.

For those new to the fun of hiking, it’s important to be prepared.

Begin small.

If you’re new to the activity, start out small. Pick a path or trail that’s a bit on the shorter end, and be to give yourself more-than-enough room to get to complete your hike without overtaxing your body.

Research the area.

Once you’ve chosen the area you’re going to hike, be sure to delve a bit deeper into the details. Know the surrounding area, review other hikers’ past experiences, and know where the access points and alternative routes are before setting out.

Let someone know where you’re going.

It may seem unnecessary, but because you’re new to the idea, it may not hurt to notify a loved one, friend or neighbor where you’re going and for how long. Chances are you won’t end up in any trouble, but if you do, it will be good to know someone knows when you left, what your plans were and where you can be located.

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Clayton Perlman: Learning to Play the Guitar

Clayton Perlman spends much of each day managing his business; devoting himself to overseeing his team and ensuring everything is operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

When he isn’t busy answering phone calls, sifting through paperwork or answering employee questions, however, Perlman can often be found strumming away on his guitar, a pastime he has enjoyed throughout much of his life.

Though he may have learned to play guitar long ago, Clayton Perlman knows that it’s never too late to pursue one’s fascination with the instrument. If you’ve been considering tapping into your inner rocker, there are a few things you should probably know:

You’re never too old to start. Whether you’re 17 or 57, it’s never too late to pick up a guitar. Though the act of learning may sometimes be frustrating or intimidating, there is nothing quite as rewarding as powering out a song you’ve been spent days, weeks or months practicing.

You have options. When looking for the right instrument to begin your playing career, it’s important to know that you have plenty of choices right out of the gate. Whether it’s rockin’ out on an electric guitar and blasting sound through your home, spending a quiet evening plucking away on an acoustic or composing a masterful Zappa-esque tune on something more unique, you have many choices with which to pursue your new hobby.

Playing guitar requires discipline, creativity and coordination, skills you can develop along the way. Devoting yourself to the guitar, whether you play seven days or week or practice just once a month, can provide you confidence and allow you to hone skills you never knew you had.

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Clayton Perlman: Why Own a Dog? The Reasons Aren’t Always So Obvious

Clayton Perlman takes his position as business owner seriously, and devotes much of his time and energy to his enterprise. A diligent entrepreneur, Perlman throws himself into his work, finding little time for solace and relaxation.

When he does find a bit a downtime, however, Clayton Perlman enjoys little more than spending it with his two lovable dogs; a connection which not only never fails to bring a smile to his face, but which benefits Perlman in many untold, perhaps not-so-obvious ways.

As a busy professional, Perlman as a unique appreciation of the many advantages of dog ownership, including:

The Reduction of Stress

Numerous studies have shown dog ownership to have a positive impact on stress levels. The acts of playing, petting and even simply watching his dogs go about their day has continually helped to siphon off much of the stress Perlman accumulates over the course of a day.

Increased Exercise

Dog ownership incentivizes exercise, as dogs tend to require walking and play on a daily basis. By walking his dogs every evening, Perlman gets the chance to get outside, stretch his legs and get a much-needed workout.

An Improved Social Life

Walking the dog not only provides the dog owner a great and regular source of exercise; it may also be a great way to enhance one’s own social life. Taking the dog for a walk, making a trip to the dog park and even having the dog along on routine errands may help the owner better connect with other people, those who share in the many positive benefits of pet ownership.