Clayton Perlman: New to Hiking? Here are a Few Things to Know

A New Jersey business owner, Clayton Perlman devotes much of his days to his enterprise; to equipping his team with the resources, leadership and expertise needed to consistently perform at their best. A passionate entrepreneur, Perlman is committed to the future of his company, and to ensuring its stays on the path that provides the best opportunity at success.

Spending the majority of one’s time at the office, however, can be both tiresome and stressful, which is why Clayton Perlman is always on the lookout for ways to restore and maintain peace-of-mind. One method through which Perlman works to restore mental, physical and emotional balance is hiking, particularly throughout the many parks spread across his local area.

For those new to the fun of hiking, it’s important to be prepared.

Begin small.

If you’re new to the activity, start out small. Pick a path or trail that’s a bit on the shorter end, and be to give yourself more-than-enough room to get to complete your hike without overtaxing your body.

Research the area.

Once you’ve chosen the area you’re going to hike, be sure to delve a bit deeper into the details. Know the surrounding area, review other hikers’ past experiences, and know where the access points and alternative routes are before setting out.

Let someone know where you’re going.

It may seem unnecessary, but because you’re new to the idea, it may not hurt to notify a loved one, friend or neighbor where you’re going and for how long. Chances are you won’t end up in any trouble, but if you do, it will be good to know someone knows when you left, what your plans were and where you can be located.

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