Clayton Perlman: Improving His Chops

Clayton Perlman is devoted to the real estate development business, but he is also devoted to improving his chops on the guitar.

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Clayton Perlman – Three Tips for Becoming a Great Fisherman

Clayton Perlman worked hard to build a career in real estate development. He has experienced the many struggles involved in real estate development and business ownership. He is a dedicated individual who strives to accomplish his goals. He lives in New Jersey, and is the co-owner of a marina in Keyport, New Jersey. When he is not working, he enjoys fishing. This sport is a great way to unwind after a long day. Fishing can be a pretty easy sport to learn, and it may not take too long to become a great fisherman.

A great tip for becoming an excellent fisherman is to learn about different types of fish and different bodies of water. There is a different technique to fishing in a bay rather than a lake or the ocean. Take the time to learn about the bodies of water near you. Learn about the types of fish that inhabit those waters and which types of bait you should be using.

A second tip is to get the proper equipment. Go to your local sports store to get a rod. Talk to the employees there to learn about what type of rod you should be using, and which types of lures and bait are best for the local waters.

A third tip is to practice. Fishing is all about patience. The more time you spend fishing, the more comfortable you will get with waiting. You may also develop a better understanding of the local waters and when the best times to fish are. Clayton Perlman knows the local waters and loves unwinding with a fishing rod.


Clayton Perlman – Turn your Passion into a Career

Clayton Perlman worked hard to build a career in real estate as well as finance. He has a history in real estate development, and spent several years working in the oil and gas finance industry. Those years gave him the tools he needed to begin a real estate development career in New Jersey. He owns multiple LLCs and he is the co-owner of a full service marina. Perlman is passionate about boating and fishing. When he became one of the owners of a marina in New Jersey, he turned his passion into a career.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

It is important for any individual to use their hobbies and passions to build a career. Building a career in a field that you enjoy can be a vital part of your future happiness. If you want to turn one of your passions into a career, your first step is to consider what you enjoy doing. Think about each of your hobbies and consider whether or not there is a way to turn one of them into a lucrative career.

Once you have decided on a field, you should work towards developing either the education or the experience you need to build a career in that field. It may take several years to accomplish your goals. Any new profession can be a struggle; however hard work can help you reach your dreams. Clayton Perlman understands struggle and survival in the professional world. He worked hard and was able to achieve his goals and build a career that he loves.

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Clayton Perlman – Fishing Tips for Beginners

Clayton Perlman is a fishing enthusiast and enjoys going fishing. He worked in the real estate industry for almost 15 years during which time he would go on fishing trips during the weekend. He is also the owner of a marina in Keyport, New Jersey, a great location to go fishing and boating. Clayton Perlman shares a couple of tips on fishing.

Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman


Before you go fishing, you might want to spend some time researching about the place you plan to go fishing and the type of fish that is available there. A simple online search will produce several results where you can learn what to expect.

Basic Procedures

Once you have done your research, you will need to work on developing your pre-fishing skills. You will need to know how to add baits to your hooks, cast your line, and how to tie knots before you head out. You don’t want to try to learn this after arriving at your fishing destination.

Choosing the Right Equipment

If you are new to fishing, you might want to choose an open-faced fishing reel. Choose a rod that is simple to use and upgrade to a better one when you have gained some experience. If you are unsure what to choose, you might want to ask the attendant at the fishing supply store for assistance.

What Bait to Use?

When fishing, it is important to know what bait to use. Fish are attracted to a particular bait, and using the wrong bait can leave you going back empty-handed. For example, if you are fishing for catfish, you might want to use raw chicken liver, or specially made bait for catfish.

Choose the Right Location

One key factor in fishing is choosing the right location. A good idea would be to find out where the fish are before you go fishing.
Don’t Ignore the Weather

While you can catch fish in most weather conditions, it is important to note that the most successful fishing trips have been when the sky was overcast.

What to Wear?

If you are going fishing, you might want to wear your fishing boots as it will help you when you have to get into the water. Since the weather can quickly change, it is important to wear layers. If you have long hair, it might be a good idea to wear your hair in a ponytail.

Pack Some Food

Fishing is not something you can expect to do for an hour and then head back home. It is an outdoor activity that requires patience. Seeing that you are going to be outside for several hours, you might want to pack some food, preferably some lunch as it could take a while before you get the first bite.

Clayton Perlman enjoys fishing when he is not working.


Clayton Perlman – Tips For Tuning Your Guitar

Clayton Perlman loves music and enjoys playing the guitar. Like most guitar players, he has to tune his guitar sometimes. Tuning is simple and easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. If you haven’t ever tuned your guitar before, it could be a little challenging. These tips can help.

Clayton Perlman

Tune It Often

It doesn’t take very long for a guitar to get out of tune. Make sure you check it before you play it and if necessary, tune it every time you play.

Store It Properly

When you aren’t playing your guitar, make sure it is stored properly. If it is too hot or cold, it could become damaged and out of tune easily. If it is bumped or knocked over; it may also become out of tune.

Use A Tuner

If you are having a hard time tuning the guitar by ear, consider using a tuner. This device will do the work for you and help you tune your guitar much easier. It can also be useful if you are in a noisy environment.

Tune Up

When you are tuning your guitar, make sure you are always tuning it up and not down. This will keep your strings from going flat when you are playing the guitar. If a note seems too high, you can always stretch the string out a little.

Clayton Perlman knows how to tune his guitar and does so whenever necessary. If you have a guitar and need to tune it, make sure you follow the above tips.

Clayton Perlman – Staying Safe While Riding Motocross

Clayton Perlman has a lot of hobbies, and riding motocross bikes is one of them. While he loves to race and compete, he knows it is important to stay safe. If you ride motocross, make sure you are following these tips to stay safe.

Clayton Perlman

Wear Your Helmet

Always wear a helmet when riding motocross. You never know when you might be in an accident, and your helmet could save your life. In many competitions, helmets are required. You should also make sure the helmet fits well.

Inspect Your Bike

Always inspect your bike before you start riding. If you find a problem, fix it before you ride. If your bike has something wrong with it and you don’t know it or fix it, it could cause you to have an accident. Inspect it before each race or ride. If you aren’t sure how to inspect it, ask a mechanic or another rider to help you.

Watch Other Riders

You should always be aware of the other riders or racers. You should be a defensive rider on your motocross bike and avoid accidents. If you see another rider is losing control of their bike, make sure you know how to protect yourself from getting caught up in the accident. You also don’t want to cause another rider to get into an accident.

If you choose to ride motocross like Clayton Perlman, make sure you are following all the rules and staying safe. Nobody wants to be injured in a motocross accident. By being smart and staying safe, you can avoid accidents and injuries.