Clayton Perlman – Finding the Right Dog for You

Clayton Perlman, owner of several Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in the real estate development field, is an avid dog lover. After work, he enjoys walking and playing with his dogs. Clayton Perlman’s passion for animals developed during his childhood in Florida, when his family always had pet dogs around his house.

Clayton Perlman
When making the decision to welcome a new dog into your home, choosing the right animal can be a difficult process. Many people are hesitant about purchasing animals from breeders and pet stores because of high-costs. One popular alternative to buying a pet is choosing to adopt one from an animal shelter. Many abandoned or mistreated animals are placed in city and community shelters to be adopted by the general public.

When choosing to adopt a dog from a shelter, it is important to consider what kind of animal you are looking for before visiting the shelter. For example, adopting a puppy is not ideal if you have young children because they are often more energized, excited, and have less experience with children than adult dogs. It is also important to consider the size of your home when determining what type of dog will best thrive in your environment. Internet research will provide many answers about different breeds of dogs. You can also consult the staff at your local animal shelter to help determine which of their dogs is the best match for your family. Once you have completed this initial research, you will be better equipped to make an informed and intelligent decision for both you and your new friend. Clayton Perlman finds companionship in his dogs and they enjoy spending time together.