Clayton Perlman – Casual and Competitive Fishing

Veteran real estate developer Clayton Perlman is no stranger to the water. The Miami, Florida native grew up near the coast, which developed a lifelong passion and love for boating and the adventures of Oceanside activities. One activity that Clayton Perlman, now a resident of Monmouth County, New Jersey, especially enjoys is fishing.

Clayton Perlman

Fishing is a multi-faceted hobby that can be both competitive and relaxing. The casual fisherman can fish privately from a boat, dock, or embankment. This form of fishing is the most relaxing because it allows the fisherman to practice his craft while enjoying the outdoors. Additionally, minimal skill or financial involvement is required for the casual fisherman, who only needs a pole and bait to begin practicing proper technique. Casual fishing is a hobby that can be learned slowly over a period of time while enjoying the relaxing benefits of sunning outside and feeling the waterside breeze.

Competitive fishing often takes place via tournaments in which numerous fishermen compete individually or as a team against one another for prizes based on the weight and length of fish caught during the time limit of the tournament. Like casual fishing, tournaments can take place on a boat or shore side; however, many tournaments require registration fees or qualifying contests before entry. Though perhaps less relaxing than casual fishing, competitive tournaments allow fishermen to transform their hobby into a sport so that they can travel and meet other people who share their passions. Clayton Perlman is passionate about both fishing and the marine lifestyle.